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Your business + our guidance = Great Results

Done for you professional programs that address core SME business challenges and provide Clarity, Direction and Results in a defined timescale to a practical budget.

The Ultimate Business Masterplan Programs

"Done for you" online business programs.

Our clients lack time, resource and sometimes insight on how to capitalise on opportunities or address challenges. The range of 11 programs available address the core business fundamentals. They are predominantly done for you and delivered in a timely fashion, providing you with some practical next steps to move the business forwards.

Informative Interview

So, what do you get?

At Immersion we stared into our own pandemic 'pivot'. We chose to increase the ease of access to what we do and condense 20 years of advisory experience into our core programs. What that means for you is:

Experience: We've been doing this some time, with consistent results. We deliver practical solutions that address your need.

Timely: Our core programs are delivered, ordinarily, within a 20 working day timeframe. This allows you to capitalise on opportunity and address challenge quickly.

Results Focused: The programs do some 'digging' and focus on outcomes and actions. We'll set the roadmap for you and assist with journey (if required).

Done for you: We know that time is a valuable commodity for most we deal with. Most of our programs are done for you allowing you to drive while we improve the engine.

Budget conscious: This is a pragmatic, transactional experience. You know what you'll invest for the result you'll realise.

We will take you from:

(and we do it "for you")


you don't make enough money TO a profitable and scalable business.

I don't know how to grow my business TO clarity and certainty of business growth.

you feel you are only keeping your head above the water TO having clarity on how to build business value.

I don't know how to solve my business issues TO a clear and strategic direction to solve your problems.

My business is just such hard work TO I have fallen in love with my business again.

What some of our clients say

They gained business clarity and profit certainty

Greg has made changes within my business that could only been seen from the outside. His expertise in understanding the fundamentals of structure and growth as made an enormous and valuable addition to the team and where we now see the future.

Nigel Morgan

Greg has proven to be hugely helpful in both fine tuning our current main core business as well as instrumental in our decision making during developmental stages of a new business venture. Greg was very approachable and hugely informative.

Michelle Innes

The transformation of our business has been dramatic. Greg has been the catalyst of many iniatives creating not only opportunity but following the process through from inception to completion. We have now moved forward ahead of our competition and provide an end user experience that sets us apart. Internally we are a now a highly efficient well-oiled machine.

Andy McRobbie

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