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Greg Larsen is a multi-owner SME entrepreneur, investor, business advisor, and number one international best- selling author. Greg has over 30 years’ experience owning and leading multi- industry companies to national and international sales growth through customer-centric values, building upon technology, strategic brand positioning, and internal financial and operational excellence. Greg’s roles have included business owner, CEO, CFO, and COO positions, which give him the ability to work across all areas of a business model. He also has a master’s degree in entrepreneurship from the University of Otago, New Zealand and has worked in Europe, Asia, Oceania and the USA.

Greg Larsen. MEntr (Distinction), MIoD, NZ Dip Bus, Dip. Mgt, Dip Mktg

Leadership – Proven ability to guide teams by creating a clear vision and articulated strategy that creates a sense of ownership through team members, while creating a culture around brand values.


Strategic Thinking – Experienced in strategic thinking.  Considers the wider aspects of implementation and delivery, and translates into operational reality through business improvement initiatives and planning that achieves results. This is across the entire business life cycle while being nimble enough to ensure business thrives in uncertain times.


Financial Management – Highly experienced in the preparation and utilisation of financial information to enhance business performance and build sustainable business and financial models.


Relationships – Proven experience in building beneficial long term relationships with stakeholders to cement strategic customer partnerships while having empathy with business owners.


Business Acumen – Highly experienced in evaluating key market drivers and identifying competitive advantages and an astute awareness for opportunities. Vast experience establishing start-ups and taking the proposition to market with outstanding results.


Also with the support from a support team of professionals with a wealth of experience it makes us a very formidable team.

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