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TEAM - Empower Your Staff.

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Business owners are aware how challenging staff turnover will be and the people know their value in the market keeps going up. Uncertainty breeds ‘fear’. TEAM is a staff centric program and has been heavily utilised by clients for many years. At a basic level it’s a litmus test on the mood of one of your key resources. TEAM is a survey, normally conducted online, with questions that either come from our extensive library, from you the business owner, or a combination of both. Survey results are delivered in an extensive report, with suggestions and proposed action plan to put you, the owner, in the best position to succeed. Benefits & Outcomes of the program Understand current ‘State of the nation’ of your people. Insights on what is working currently. A pragmatic view on the leadership and direction of the business Suggestions on how the business could improve. Barometer on staff retention and future needs Benefits and Outcomes of the Program TEAM delivers clarity and insight on what the current situation is, recommendations on what needs to take place to nurture the team and the business and insight on how to work towards securing tenure.

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