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OWNER - Be the best you can for your business.

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Many owners lack clarity as to the future of their business. Not only are they spending most of their time working in the business, but it’s also as if they have fallen down the queue of priorities and prioritised most ahead of themselves. The OWNER program is multi-faceted and will challenge you at many levels. We’re not going to lie; we often encounter some resistance with the program because we seek to really get under the skin of what is truly important. OWNER looks at you as a business owner, as a leader and at the heart the value you are adding or seek assistance with. The program will revisit, and reset, the goals of the business and the role that you will play within it as well as looking at what is key to you outside of the work environment. At a very practical level what will your business provide for you, both now and going forwards. Benefits and Outcomes of the Program Analysis of your current role as an owner and leader Identification of skill/competency areas to work on Identification of skill/competency areas to possibly outsource Definition on where the business is restrained and has competitive advantage Clarity on what you need for self and the drivers to achieve that OWNER delivers clarity both within, and outside the business. The program resets the role of the business owner, what the business will deliver, what it will provide for and what are the key points of focus outside of working hours.

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