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Byspoke Action Plan focusing on execution and forward momentum. Absence of a plan that covers all the core fundamental aspects of a business is a potential recipe for disaster. We understand what your current business situation is and what professional and personal drivers you have for the foreseeable future. The program will define what actions need to take place in the core functional areas of your business:  Income streams (Sales)  Cost of Sales (Purchasing, Efficiency and Pricing)  Finance accountabilities  Marketing  People Our goal has never been dust gathering biblical epics but documents that are simple/concise and that can live and breathe to support the success of the owner and the business. Benefits and Outcomes of the Program Review of current situation Revision/reset of personal and professional goals Analysis of the wider environment Clarity of action for all key business functions Calm and clarity for owner as to future direction Solution and Outcomes A practical, and concise, document that addresses the core functional areas of your business with a supporting/timely action plan.

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