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COMPETE - Beat your Competitors.

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Competing effectively in a changing landscape With the speed that many business environments move it’s easy to lose definition, and clarity, of what the competitive position is of the business you run. COMPETE looks at your business from a variety of angles. It considers your own view (inclusive of internal focused SWOT), that of customers as well as indexing the wider competitive landscape. As an external provider the beauty of the program is that we can act as potential customer and index your offer vs. other options both locally and in some cases globally. The program considers not just the physical and geographic dynamics of your offer but also the wider digital environment. Benefits and Outcomes of the Program Realise clarity on what is happening right now Gain insight and perspective from key stakeholders Gain insight and perspective from an independent perspective Reset or reshape the competitive dynamics for the short term (12-18 months) Commence work on the longer term competitive/strategic position of the business Solution and Outcomes COMPETE assesses a business, with an external and internal lens, and takes a wider view of what may be required to ensure longevity of the current entity.

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